Eliminate Corruption

  • Ensure government actions are based on the rule of law and not individual gain
  • Create a formal mechanism for reporting and processing allegations of government corruption.  
  • Hold all individuals who violate the law accountable for their actions, regardless of affiliation, status or relation.

Improve Government Efficiency and Delivery of Services

  • Collaborate with the Government of Guam to improve procurement processes.
  • Prioritize government programs and services that are vital to our community.
  • Train government representatives to prevent improper and prohibited actions.
  • Ensure staff and attorneys of the office are provided the resources and training needed to perform their duties efficiently.

Defend and Implement Important Government Initiatives

  • Continue the work being undertaken by Attorney General Barrett-Anderson to defend the Chamorro Land Trust and the plebiscite.
  • Defend lawful policies that are fundamental to the ideals of justice and democracy.
  • Participate in Legislative processes to ensure compliance and clarity.

Strengthen Relationship with Community

  • Organize regular neighborhood meetings.
  • Create processes to improve communication between the office, our communities, and government agencies.